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Do you have a morning ritual?

Aug 12, 2020

Pretty much everyone I know (and loads I don't actually know but have learned so much from) who leads a happy, fit, and healthy life, shares one thing in common - they all have some sort of positive morning ritual.

It doesn't have to be getting up at 5 and engaging in sunrise yoga (although that does sound fun! - mmm maybe not the 5 am part, haha) it has to suit your personality - after all the idea is to prepare yourself to have a great day so it needs to feel satisfying.

I know one mum with two young kids who does get up at 5 am - just so she can have 90 minutes all to herself every day - she starts with a nice quiet interruption-free coffee and some crappy tv - then it's an online workout followed by a quiet peaceful breakfast on her own before the house wakes up and the rest of the day starts with barely a moment for herself till bedtime! She tells me that 90 minutes every day not only keeps her sane but also means she enjoys the rest of the day with the kids more.

One of my favorite ways to start the day is with an early morning walk with Tommy my dog and stopping at a local coffee shop to just sit quietly and watch the world go by before the day kicks in - bliss :)

So what's your morning ritual? Is it fitness-based, wellness, or indulgence? It needs to set you up to have a great day so make sure you enjoy it - forget the guilt - do what makes you feel good first thing, as it will put you in a better place to tackle the things you do need to do later but maybe don't want to - even if that's one of my classes haha!

Here is a great post from the wonderful Lisa Barrett (Happy Birthday Lisa x) from brilliant blog Glowology telling us about her morning routine - Enjoy! x



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