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Vivo: (Latin verb) to be alive, to live well, to enjoy life


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It doesn't matter what age you are - we are all getting older every day! However, that doesn't mean you have to FEEL older. The fitter you are the younger you feel - it's as simple as that! 


Being strong isn't about having bulging  muscles! Targeted exercises to improve your posture, back health, strength & tone, will help you to look and feel 10 years younger!


Check out my blog for the recipe to feeling fabulous - A healthy mix of fitness, flexibility, strength, a happy mind & some healthy habits, along with a bit of indulgence thrown in!  

Hi, I'm Anny - welcome to LoveVIVO :) I'm a former professional dancer & I've been running fitness classes & personal training in West London for over 15 years now. I specialise in core strength, flexibility & general fitness - Oh, & I'm also a professional burlesque performer & loving life as a 52 year old woman ;)

I want you to enjoy Vivo - If you like a bit of fun and personality to help you on your fitness journey then I think you will love my classes - check them out here with my new user special offer and decide for yourself - have fun, Anny x

PS. Before lockdown changed everything, I was running over 20 classes a week in West London - click the button on the right to see my reviews on ClassPass :)

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A recent NHS survey concluded that back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with over 30% of adults affected at any one time & predicting that 80% of all adults will experience back problems at some time in their life.
The principles of Stott Pilates are consistent with strong back health, with the awareness of neutral alignment of the spine and the strengthening of the deep postural muscles that support this alignment.  However, It's also a wonderful and enjoyable way for anyone who wants to improve their core strength and flexibility.

VIVO HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

With today's busy lifestyle it's important to get the most benefit from the time you spend exercising. Just because you spent an hour in the gym doesn't necessarily mean you have benefited from that time as well as you could do. 
Research over the last few years has shown that bursts of high intensity workouts with short rests in between gives maximum health and fitness benefits in a reduced period of time.
HIIT classes are also fantastic for helping with weight loss, a healthy heart and for controlling type 2 diabetes. 


Have you ever noticed how much poise and elegance dancers have even when they are just walking down the street? It's because their training focuses on core strength, posture and flexibility.
But you don't need to be a dancer or even have a ballet barre to benefit from the core principles - all you need is a chair! Using both Ballet and Pilates techniques these classes you will enjoy a complete body conditioning workout, with  a focus on the legs and bum, as well as arms and abs with plenty of stretching for long, lean muscles.


Just what it says on the tin!
As we get older we lose bone density and muscle tone, and using weights is the perfect solution for that. My VIVO Total Body Workout classes are great for improving your heart and lung fitness as well as improving weight loss and muscle tone. 
With a 40/60% split of cardio and strength exercises using light weights or even household items like cans of beans, you will work up a good sweat with these classes and feel the benefits throughout.
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It's not how old you are - it's how old you feel that really matters! I'm over 50 but have a younger spine and more flexibility than some people half my age.
When people comment on my core strength & flexibility, I always tell them it's only because I work on it every day.  If you are someone who says "I can't stretch, I'm inflexible" etc. etc., then don't worry -  it's never too late!
Stretching helps improve your posture, sports performance, prevents injury, etc., the list is endless..  BTW, If you already have great flexibility then you will love my Level 3 Stretch class - I created it as a class that I would love go to!


Welcome to my Fit-Bursts! When I started my FB group 'Pilates at Home with Anny' during the Covid 19 crisis it gave me the chance to really understand what YOU wanted - and many of you were asking for shorter more focused classes as well as the 1 hour live classes I was running.
Most classes are around 10 minutes & focused on either different equipment - resistance bands, Fit-ball etc., or on specific parts of the body without using  equipment.
Do them on their own or create your own session by combining 2 or 3 together with my short warm up and cool down videos. Have Fun!

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"I've been doing classes with Anny for years & cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a patient & attentive teacher who always brings energy, warmth and positivity to her lessons. I'm better at some types of exercises than others, so I appreciate how she provides a number of options for all her exercises so I can choose the level which is just challenging enough for me while avoiding injuries. With her help I've managed to address my lower back pain & improve on my strength, flexibility & fitness. I would recommend her classes to anyone of any level of fitness. "

Rie J

"Anny is the only person that has helped me actually enjoy working out! Her fun nature and way she easily explains and demonstrates the exercises make her classes great - variety is key with a great selection of different classes and even in the same type of class she always shakes it up with a mix of exercises and options to suit all levels. I've been doing classes online with Anny for just 4 months now and I've seen such an improvement in my overall fitness levels as well as toning up my bum, tum and thighs. I have less of a pooch, more of a peach and everything is looking more solid and strong! I can even nearly do the splits!!"

Lexie Carducci
Radio Presenter, Actor, Model

"I was so pleased when Anny started her online classes. They came at the perfect time during lockdown when I needed structure to my day and a way to keep my mind and body healthy too. I will continue to dip in and out of the many class options available to suit my mood – and energy levels! I was delighted to discover Chair Barre Class which really helped hone my legs and bum (which I thought were a lost cause!) I have seen great results so I am hooked! Another great thing about Anny’s classes is that there is something for everyone of any age or fitness level and she offers variations on each exercise she teaches to suit your needs. Anny’s fitness experience and expertise shines through and she’s fun too!"

Lisa Barrett
Beauty Journalist, Blogger and Influencer

Feel Fabulous!

Welcome to my blog - this is where I share stuff that inspires me - hopefully, it will you too! Fitness, health, and nutrition tips from around the web, as well as content to help keep a positive, healthy, and happy mind. I'm a great believer in a balanced lifestyle, so don't be surprised to see me sharing some indulgent treats here too!! Have fun and feel fabulous :)


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